Inoue, Toyohisa

  • Myotaku was a disciple of Muso Kokushi. But he liked to draw pictures very much despite the opposition from Muso. One day, Muso saw Myotaku was secretly drawing Fudo-myo-o. Muso was very surprised by the mastery of the picture and let Myotaku draw pictures from then on.
  • This woodblock by Toyohisa Inoue is part of his series Omi Hakkei (Eight Views of Omi, Lake Biwa). This woodblock is a large oban-sized print in excellent condition. The paper is firm and the deckle is still on one side. The artist's seal and signature in pencil are on the lower margin, along with the date of 1974 and numbered 20/100. The print itself is self-printed by the artist as part of the Sosaku-Hanga movement.
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