Hiroaki Takahashi Shotei was a Japanese woodblock print artist of the early 20th century in the shin-hanga art movement whose work generally focused around beautiful landscapes and scenes of everyday life. Many of his works are beautiful vignettes, many easily leading the viewer to imagine the stories transpiring within the images.

Moonlit Sea Prints is proud to announce a Call for Writers and Poets for a collaborative exhibit to be shown for Easthampton ArtWalk in September 2023. In this call, we’re seeking short story writers and poets to create works to pair with the art of Shotei in our gallery (see the above link for in-stock prints). Writers are encouraged to submit their creative work along with the title of the piece they’re collaborating with. For the show, we will also want an audio recording of the author narrating their work. Works can be of any length.

All submitted works remain the sole ownership and copyright of the authors; authors selected to participate maintain all publication rights.

Deadline for submission is August 1, 2023.

Deadline for submissions EXTENDED until August 15, 2023!

Please send any questions to David Kutcher at david@moonlitseaprints.com

About Moonlit Sea Prints

Moonlit Sea Prints is a small gallery in the Eastworks Building of Easthampton MA that buys, sells, and educates on the genre of antique Japanese woodblock prints from roughly 1790-1960. Through our gallery in Easthampton and our online shop, we reach thousands of people each month, showcasing exceptional work from a wide range of artists and giving our visitors more knowledge on this oft-overlooked artform and art movement.

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