Takegawa River at Dawn puzzle

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These 1,000 piece puzzles are sure to be a new favorite in your collection! Custom-made for Moonlit Sea Prints, they measure 20″x28″ completed and were based on high resolution scans that we took of some of our favorite prints in the gallery.

The puzzles are made on “Grade A” high quality dense cardboard, die-cut using the manufacturer’s own unique die utilizing a wide range of shapes. They are then packaged in a resealable bag and in a thick-walled cardboard box for storage.

This puzzle is of “Ito Takashi – Takegawa River at Dawn“, originally published in 1932.

A solo hiker makes their way across a plank bridge over the Takegawa River at dawn; a forest of birch trees and pines and lush foliage fills the landscape, great mountains rising in the distance, the peaks displaying warm orange light from the sunrise. The river rushes below the bridge, running a few rapids and creating a foam. As an avid fly fisherman, I imagine this is me, hiking through the mountains (perhaps in northern VT or CO), my tenkara gear in the backpack.