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Toyohara Kuniteru III – Sino-Japanese Naval Battle


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Senso-e are prints depicting wars, most often the Sino-Japanese War of 1894 – 1895 and the Russo-Japanese War in 1904 – 1905. Primarily triptychs, these images filled the journalistic need for illustrations of current activities on the battle front, but also acted as propaganda, encouraging support for the wars and fostering patriotism. These prints emphasized the bravery and success of the army and navy, using dramatic designs and bold compositions, with customers eagerly purchasing the latest prints. Some famous Meiji era artists did senso-e, including Kiyochika, Chikanobu, and Gekko.

The right print reads as follows:

Sino-Japanese army start of war map
Early in the morning of July 25, 1872, the Japanese army flew to the vicinity of Teshima Island in the Korean Sea.

The right print reads as follows:

August 1892, Nichi Printing, Nichi Printing, Rinan Printing, and Publisher

Based on the signature and publisher we believe this triptych to be by Toyohara Kuniteru III. This print depicts a scene from the very beginning of the First Sino-Japanese War.

The Woodblock Prints

This oban triptych is in very fine condition for a series of prints published in 1892. There are some minor areas of discoloration, but otherwise this grouping is excellent. Intact margins, kento marks in the lower corners showing that the prints haven’t been trimmed. Clean margins, clean verso. Prints are not attached, show each print’s overlapping margins for joining them.

About the Artist

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Kuniteru III, Toyohara


(A) Very Fine Condition




Early Edition






Oban (10"x15"), Triptych


Boats, River / Lake / Ocean, War

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