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Kason Suzuki – Kominato Harbor


It’s early morning, the sky lighting up near the horizon but still dark on the water. The sailboats and smaller fishing vessels are heading out of the harbor, the orange lights from their holds glowing through the windows and reflecting on the dark water’s surface.

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The sun has set below the horizon, darkness is here and boats are returning or have returned to the harbor. Lights are lit in the holds of the ships and some of the buildings in the wharf, many reflecting on the surface of the water. A faint glow in the sky is the last light of the day, with the sky a faint blue tone.

While most of Kason Suzuki’s prints are vignettes of people, this particular piece stands alone and might seem to be from Shoda Koho or Arai Yoshimune. Rich colors, bakashi shading, exquisite detail in the evening landscape, it’s hard to see how this oban is from Suzuki.

The Woodblock Print

This woodblock print is in excellent condition. No flaws, rich color, no fading, clean verso, full margins.

The Artist

Kason Suzuki was born in 1860 (died 1919). He had studied traditional Japanese painting. After his graduation he exhibited several times with the state-sponsored art exhibitions of Bunten and received several prizes at these art shows. Later Kason Suzuki became a member of of the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts. Ohara Koson (1877-1945), a famous woodblock printmaker, was one of his students.


Suzuki, Kason


(A+) Excellent Condition








Oban (10"x15")


Boats, Landscape, Night, Sunrise / Sunset

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