Ikkei Shosai – Low Tide at Susaki (fart scene), from Thirty-Six Comics of the Famous Places of Tokyo

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Shosai, Ikkei


(B) Fine Condition






Aiban (9″x13″)


Farts, Landscape, People, River / Lake / Ocean

In 1874 Hiroshige III published one of his most popular series, “Thirty-Six Views of Tokyo Civilization”; his former student Ikkei Shosai took it upon himself to parody this series with his own comical versions, “Thirty-Six Comics of the Famous Places of Tokyo”. This is a parody of the scene “Gathering Shellfish at low tide at Fukagawa Susaki”.

Harvesting clams at low tide was a popular past-time; Ikkei Shosai uses that opportunity to take advantage of people bending over to add some humor.

The Woodblock Print

The aiban-sized woodblock is in fine condition; it doesn’t have any rips, tears, or holes, the margins are fully intact, and even color and toning throughout. There is even “soiling” or discoloration due to the age and paper, but it is consistent with the age and other copies of the print that have survived.

About the Artist

Little is known about Ikkei Shōsai‘s life. He was a student of Utagawa Hiroshige III (1842–1894) and was active between 1860 and the late 1870s. He produced meisho-e (prints of famous places) of a radically changing Tokyo and comic scenes (giga) of Edo Life in the early Meiji Era, such as Comic Scenes of Thirty-six Famous Places in Tokyo (Tōkyō meisho sanjūroku gisen, 1871-1872). His most famous work was the series Forty-Eight Famous Views of Tokyo (Tōkyō meisho shijūhakkei, 1871).