Eijiro Kobayashi – A Pagoda by Moonlight


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Kobayashi, Eijiro


(A) Very Fine Condition, (B) Fine Condition




Mid Edition




Hasegawa, Nishinomiya


Chuban (7"x10")


Night, People, Shrines / Temples / Castle

In the 1920s, the publisher Hasegawa commissioned a small group of artists to create woodblock prints for a series entitled “Hasegawa’s Night Scenes“, of which there were a total of 21 prints by 6 artists. This piece is one of three contributions by Eijiro Kobayashi to the series.

The Woodblock Print

This chuban-sized woodblock is in good to very good condition, but with some minor flaws that do not detract from the overall image. Margins with publisher information in the left lower area inform us that this is a mid-edition printing. Signed in the lower right corner. Clean verso. There is a discoloration line within the margin around the image from where the image was partially behind matting. The image also has toning throughout (more visible on the verso), but in an even way within the image to not be distracting.

About the Artist

Eijiro Kobayashi was born in 1870 (died in 1946). Little is known about the life of Eijiro Kobayashi beyond his contributions to Hasegawa’s Night Scenes by Watanabe. He is known for woodblock prints of romantic night and evening scenes in shin hanga style of which there are only three different designs attributed to him, the fourth being attributed to “Whistler”.  The prints were published by Hasegawa, and later by Nishinomiya, and three showing scenes from the Sumida river and one design showing a pagoda.