Ito Nisaburo – Magnolia

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Nisaburo, Ito


(A+) Excellent Condition




First Edition




Uchida Bijutsu Hangashi


Large Oban (11.5"x17")


Plants & Flowers

Beautiful image of a blossoming magnolia, the rich red undersides of the petals forming a striking contrast to the creamy white of the interiors. An unconventional composition with lovely and delicate shading in the flowers. This is a first edition of the print with the “UCHIDA” watermark in the lower right margin.

The Woodblock Print

A “large” oban in excellent condition, this woodblock is printed on very fine paper with the UCHIDA watermark in the lower margin. A deckled edge, along with a clean verso. This print has rich stunning color as well as the solid whites for the interior of the magnolia blossoms.

About the Artist

Ito Nisaburo was born in Kyoto in either 1905 or 1910 depending on the source. Nisaburo Ito had studied art as a student of Tsuchida Bakusen at the Kyoto City Specialist School of Painting. A prolific artist, there are abundant designs by the artist in a variety of evolving styles; some are rather minimalistic in composition and colors made in the tradition of Chinese and Japanese paintings, whereas other designs are reminiscent of other shin hanga artists of the time.