Fukutaro Terauchi – Fishing Vessels at Sunrise (watercolor)

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Terauchi, Fukutaro


(A) Very Fine Condition






Aiban (9″x13″), Watercolor


Boats, Fishing, Landscape, Sunrise / Sunset

The Watercolor

The watercolor measures roughly 8″ by 12″ (we have listed it as an aiban). A lovely, moody scene, reminiscent of woodblocks by Ito Yuhan. Good color, margins intact, slide residue on the corners of the verso where it was affixed to a backing.

About the Artist

Fukutaro Terauchi was born December 9,1891. In 1910 he entered the private school Kiyoteru Kuroda, and later became a member of the Hakuda Association. His name is often misread as Tanauchi or Tarauchi, and his body of work is confused with that of the better known Manjiro Terauchi, by collectors and auction houses alike. He was prolific, steady in quality, producing many high quality watercolors mostly after the war. In the 1950s and 1960s circumstantial evidence shows that he sold pieces through the Kyoto Hanga-in publishing company (his work is in their special 1964 Tokyo Olympics catalog).