Eijiro Kobayashi – Evening Cool on Sumida

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Kobayashi, Eijiro


(A+) Excellent Condition




Early Edition




Chuban (7"x10")


Hasegawa, Nishinomiya


Night, People, River / Lake / Ocean

In the 1920s, the publisher Hasegawa commissioned a small group of artists to create woodblock prints for a series entitled “Hasegawa’s Night Scenes“, of which there were a total of 21 prints by 6 artists. This is one of those prints.

The Woodblock Print

This is an early edition version of Eijiro Kobayashi‘s “Evening Cool on Sumida” done in the blue tone in excellent condition. This woodblock has exceptional color and detail in its tones and highlights. No discolorations, a clean verso, full (thin) margins typical to this early edition. “Made in Japan” stamped on the verso. An outstanding example of this print.

About the Artist

Eijiro Kobayashi was born in 1870 (died in 1946). Little is known about the life of Eijiro Kobayashi beyond his contributions to Hasegawa’s Night Scenes by Watanabe. He is known for woodblock prints of romantic night and evening scenes in shin hanga style of which there are only three different designs attributed to him, the fourth being attributed to “Whistler”.  The prints were published by Hasegawa, and later by Nishinomiya, and three showing scenes from the Sumida river and one design showing a pagoda.