Shuzo Ikeda – No. 399

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Ikeda, Shuzo


(B) Fine Condition




Sosaku hanga

The strong black outlines and dark colors are reminiscent to those of Georges Rouault, a French artist whose work melded Fauvism and Expressionism, but without the serious religious connotations or sadness. In Shuzo’s images relish in their innocent activities in the warm, and simple innocence.

Pencil signed and numbered 30/30.

The Woodblock Print

The woodblock print is in good condition; strong color, good bleed through. The paper has even toning, but does have some folds, creases and discoloration in the margins and on the verso.

About the Artist

Shuzo Ikeda (1922 to 2004) was born in in Akita prefecture, graduating from Tokyo Higher Normal School. After a few years of teaching art, Shuzo Ikeda became a member of the artist association Nihon Hanga Kyokai, and Shuzo Ikeda turned to woodblock printmaking (‘moku hanga’) as a professional full-time artist. Shuzo Ikeda’s distinctive style features his integration of the texture of the woodblock grain into his print designs.