Kawarazaki Shodo – Red Plum Blossoms

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Shodo, Kawarazaki


(B) Fine Condition








Plants & Flowers


Oban (10"x15")

Shodo is undoubtedly known for his botanical prints, which he produced post-war Japan in the 1950’s. These botanical prints were all published by Unsodo, where Shodo was working as CEO. These botanical prints put Shodo on the map as an artist on a global scale.

The Woodblock Print

All prints carry: Artist’s seal within the image area; Title in upper left margin, publisher, printer and carver seals in lower left margin. Each print has been carefully printed in 15 to 20 steps. Different editions of this print have different saturation levels in the colors used; this seems to be an earlier edition with less saturation in the plum blossoms, using more subtle gradations of pink. There is some acid discoloration near the margins of the piece, but generally even toning across the visible image. Margins intact and a clean verso except for two spots where it was removed from backing.

About the Artist

Kawarazaki Shodo was born in 1889 and worked as a painter and print designer of flower subjects from Kyoto, mostly for the publisher Unsodo who has been active until today. Many of the woodblock prints were published in the 1950s when there was a strong demand for handmade Japanese woodblock prints by the American occupation forces.