Tachibana Yasukuni – Picture-book of Wild Flowers (“Ehon Noyama Gusa”)


A somewhat rare intact copy of Tachibana Yasukuni’s Ehon Noyama Gusa (“Picture-book of Wild Flowers”) as with similar Western books such as John James Audubon’s “Birds of America”, it is often broken and sold off for the individual prints.

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This book is five volumes bound in into one (gappon), published in Bunka 3 (1806) in Osaka. The book measures 22.0 x 15.9 cm and was originally published in 1755. Original covers and title label, string-bound, Japanese-style, fukuro-toji. The book is filled with delicate and lovely botanical prints along with descriptions of each. An important and impressive book with beautiful illustrations in extremely good condition for the age. The five individual volumes and all of their prints can be viewed here.

The Woodblock Print Book

The front and back covers are in great condition, with slight rubbing of the title on the cover. The string binding is intact, but unsure if it’s a replacement string. The pages themselves are in very good condition; a few in the middle have small bits of insect damage, but it only affects a few pages and barely noticeable (originally missed it).

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Tachibana, Yasukuni


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