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Adachi Ginkō – Emperor and Boar

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This piece makes me laugh every time I see it. Why? Because while we’re all focused on the mighty scene of the Emperor slaying the charging boar, it’s only when we look a bit closer that we see the emperor’s poor retainer being pummelled and flying backwards. Should we be marveling at the prowess of the Emperor, or feeling worry and compassion for his assistant?

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The work is part of the series “The twelve animals of the zodiac” and shows Emperor Yuryaku, 21st ruler of Japan (456 – 479) overpowering a boar with the end of his hunting bow, his attendant thrown completely off balance by the power of his action. A beautiful design by Ginko, depicting the epic fearlessness of Emperor Yuryaku.

The Woodblock Print

The print measures 9.5″ by 13.75″ and is in Fair Condition. A seam runs down the middle of the print with separation happening in the margins of that seam. With that exception the print is in good condition with intact margins, good color, and even toning. Some residue from mounting left on the verso.

About the Artist

Adachi Ginkō (1870 – 1908) was a Japanese artist best known for prints in the ukiyo-e style as a member of the Utagawa school. Working in a variety of genres, including portraits of beauties and actors, landscapes, book illustrations, and satirical works, as well as  a large number of triptychs of contemporary events. His most successful work was his Pictorial Outline of Japanese History series of triptychs in the late 1880s. He was jailed and fined in 1889 for caricaturing the Meiji Emperor.


Ginkō, Adachi


(C) Fair Condition






Birds / Beasts, People

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