Kitagawa Fujimaro – Two Beauties in Falling Snow

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Fujimaro, Kitagawa


(A) Very Fine Condition






People, Snow


Shimbi Shoin

Published by publishing house Shimbi Shoin, this is a Meiji-era bijin-ga (beautiful person picture) print of an earlier Edo-era image by Kitagawa Fujimaro. The artist and colorists use white gofun paste blown over the surface to create the effect of snowflakes in a snow storm.

The Composition

Utilizing off-white/unbleached paper, the artist utilizes white gofun paste blown over the surface to create a moving image of two women in a snow storm. The treatment of their windswept, intricately-patterned clothing demonstrates the skill of the carvers and inking.

The Woodblock Print

The woodblock print itself is in very good condition with no visible discolorations or foxing, fading, or damage of any kind. The colors and registration are very strong. The print itself is affixed to a backing sheet, but that seems to have been the standard for this edition.

About the Artist

Nothing is known of Kitagawa Fujimaro’s life, and it is only based on the evidence of his style and the characters of his name, that he is thought to be a late pupil of Kitagawa Utamaro.

The artist’s best-known work depicting Yujyo risshi-zu (a painting of a standing courtesan) is in the collection of the Tokyo National Museum; and another four Kakejiku depicting beauties in the four seasons (Bijin shuka shuto zu) are in the collection of the Ota Memorial Museum of Art, Tokyo.