Konishi, Seiichiro

Born in Kyoto, Seiichiro Konishi is a Japanese woodblock artist working in the sosaku hanga, or “creative print”, style. While he formally studied oil painting and design under Kahei Igaki, Konishi taught himself each aspect of woodblock printing. He became an official member of Nihon hanga Kyokai in 1930, though continued to work as newspaper illustrator. In 1950, he exhibited his sosaku hanga works in Kyoto, after which he exhibited his work with Banga-in from 1954 on. Konishi participated in many solo and group shows throughout his career, including Shin Seisaku Kyokai, and Dokuritsu Bijutsu Kyokai. His works appeared in the 1961 modern Japanese print exhibitions held in Kiev and Moscow. Konishi’s self-carved, self-printed works focus on the traditional architecture, famous sites, and natural beauty of his hometown.