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Suzuki, Harunobu

While little is known about his early life, Harunobu Suzuki was a ukiyo-e artist that lived and worked in Edo. Said to have been the student of Shigenaga, Harunobu’s early actor prints suggest the strong influence of Toyonobu, Sukenobu and the Torii school. Though he began his print career with actor prints, Harunobu’s later prints focused on young girls and the courtesans of Edo. In the spring of 1765, Edo saw the first nishiki-e (full-color prints). Commissioned by wealthy patrons, the first full-color prints took the form of egoyomi (calendar prints). Harunobu used nishiki-e to capture the urban, everyday world of Edo in brilliant color. He is considered a true luminary of ukiyo-e, a talent beyond compare. He produced over 500 printed works, as well as many paintings, before his death in 1770.


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