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David Kutcher // Moonlit Sea Prints

I see my role as being the person who finds beautiful and interesting art and introduces it to you in a way that enhances your appreciation for it. And if that art touches your soul, I encourage you to purchase it and bring it into your life.

Moonlit Sea Prints came about from my love of Japanese woodblock prints. While I have a degree in fine art and concentrated in intaglio printmaking, it wasn’t until a chance discovery of a Japanese art gallery while walking home from work in NYC that I found a passion for these prints, specifically the late ukiyo-e and shin-hanga periods (mid 1800s to mid 1900s). Their scenes, moods, and striking quiet beauty is something that I appreciate in the prints, but also when I see it out in the world. As an avid fly fishermen spending as much time as I can in the water in remote woods, I find I take these images with me wherever I go. I hope you will as well.

People sometimes come into my gallery and, after camping out for an hour and riffling through hundreds of prints in rapt fascination, ask me “how do you choose which prints to buy for your gallery?” My response: “they need to speak to me”. With few exceptions, each print has to speak to me in order to find its way into my gallery, because if it doesn’t touch me in some way, why would I want to write about it or talk to you about it?

My goal is to introduce people to this amazing niche of art and connect them with a piece of art that speaks to something within them. Connecting people with something that adds value to their lives and brings them a bit more joy in their lives is my goal through Moonlit Sea Prints.

David Kutcher, owner, Moonlit Sea Prints
David Kutcher, owner, Moonlit Sea Prints
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